Fit Report – June 28th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout A

Gotta fire off a post quickly here, so I’ll be as succinct as I can.

Today was a pretty good day at the gym. Not perfect, but when is it? Lately I’m realizing that my first set of squats is going to suck. I’ll be able to complete it, but it’ll feel iffy. After that I’ll be fine, as long as I rest long enough between sets. That was the case Monday and today. First set was wobbly, second was better, the third was good, and the fourth and fifth got tough. Still, complete sets are complete sets, and count.

Bench press went well enough, too. Seemed like maybe I had less discomfort in my shoulder than before, but I’m still taking it slowly and concentrating on form. Hopefully whatever I did to the shoulder is healing, so I don’t want to screw it up.

Barbell row wasn’t quite the success today I was hoping for, but I was into new personal best territory, and that’s always tricky. Like squats, the first set was wobbly, but I managed fine on subsequent sets. Until the fourth set, that is. I managed four full reps, but the fifth didn’t quite make it to my chest, so I can’t count it. I rested a bit longer for the fifth set and managed to complete it, so I’m hopeful that next time I can do the full five sets.

Friday I won’t be biking in to work as I have plans in the evening, so hopefully my legs will feel at least marginally fresher than today. See you then for Workout B.

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