Fit Report – June 19th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout B – Video Edition

Another Monday. Back to work, back to the gym. Emphasis on the work, though, so in that spirit (and as I’m writing this while working late) I’ll keep this short.

Squats – did ’em. Legs tired, yada yada yada. Seriously, though, my legs are so tired. I raised the weight on my squats to 205 lbs today, and I managed it, but my legs really didn’t want to. I was saying to my wife that if I managed to complete today’s sets at that weight, I might just leave it there for the foreseeable future. While I’m biking to work, anyway. I just really don’t see my muscles being able to go much higher than that while I’m giving them such a workout every morning and night with my commute. 205 lbs is a nice number, too, in that it’s a 45 and a 35 lb plate on either side of the bar. No fiddling with a bunch of small plates. I might try it on an experimental basis and see how it goes.

Overhead press went okay as well. Nothing to write home about, and not really much to write here. I did the sets, waiting about two minutes between each, end of story. The overhead press still isn’t bothering my shoulder like bench press does, so I guess I’ll just keep going up while I can.

Seems like putting ‘Video Edition’ after Workout B in the title is getting a bit redundant, no? Not sure if I should hold off on posting more videos of deadlifts until I reach some other milestone or fail a set, because the novelty is kind of wearing off. Posting new personal bests is good and all, but not every single time. That being said, I shot video today, and it’s a new personal best, so here you go:

Anyway, back in for Workout A on Wednesday, time permitting. See you then.

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