Fit Report – June 12th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout B – Video Edition

Back to the gym today, but my tired self really didn’t want to go. I made myself, however, and here we are. Oddly enough the gym wasn’t terribly busy again. It must be the hot weather. Nobody wants to be in the gym at lunch when they could be soaking up the sun (or maybe they’re afraid to melt. It was 34º C plus humidity here today).

I knew squats weren’t going to be fun today since, even after two days off, my legs were tired on the ride in this morning. Still, I did them, resting two and a half minutes after the first set and about three minutes before the last one. I’ll be back up to 200 lbs next time, a weight I just seem to be hovering around as I build up and deload, build up and deload, ad nauseum. Still, it’s exercise, and I’ll expect progress at some point, even if it’s once cycling is done for the year (many months from now).

Overhead press went well today. Not difficult at all, and I didn’t seem to notice any difficulty with my left shoulder. Then again, I didn’t notice any before on shoulder press, but still felt pain after bench press, so it’s probably not this kind of movement that bothers me.

Now on to today’s (and it seems my usual, as of late) success story! New personal best on deadlifts again, and a milestone to boot! 250 lbs! Check it out.

The only crappy thing about that video is that I positioned the camera poorly, so you can’t actually see the plates on the bar. You’ll just have to take my word for it that there’s two 45s, a 10 and a 2.5lb plate on each end. 1/8th of a ton! Woot!

Back in to the gym on Wednesday for Workout A. See you then.

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