Fit Report / Weekly Weigh-In – June 8th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout A

I’m writing this a bit late, so I’m going to try and keep it short so I can go to bed at a decent time. I did make it back in to the gym today, and as the gym was surprisingly dead this afternoon (I blame the nice weather), I took the time to weigh myself beforehand. About time, too, since it’s been nearly two months since I did this supposed ‘weekly’ weigh-in.

IMG_5581I haven’t lost weight since the last time I weighed in, but then I haven’t really gained much either. I’m 0.6 lbs heavier than my last weigh-in, but of course weight doesn’t tell the whole story. While my weight is up, Fat Mass (and Body Fat %) are both down, 0.4 lbs and 0.3% respectively. My Fat Free mass is also up by 1 lb, and my water is up by 0.8 lbs, so in theory I’ve lost fat and gained muscle/water. I’ll take it!

The cycling I’ve been doing is helping me to burn calories, but conversely it’s making me hungrier, so that would probably explain why we’re not seeing added fat loss here. I’m burning more calories, but consuming more as well. At least I’m not consuming more than I’m burning. Don’t want to fall into that trap.

As for the workout, it went pretty well. My legs were still tired from cycling, so squats were tough at 190 lbs, but not so much that I had to wait the full three minutes between sets. IMG_5583The most I waited was 2:40 between the last two, and I’m sure I could’ve actually waited less time, but I was in no rush.

I deloaded bench press again today since my shoulder was giving me trouble after the last time. I’m down to 95 lbs on bench press now, and while I felt some discomfort while doing the exercise, I haven’t had any pain in the hours afterward, so I’ve probably reached a good weight to start back up on. It’ll allow me to work on form as well, making sure to keep my elbows somewhat tucked, and not allowing them to flare out while pressing the weight.

Barbell row was the only exercise that gave me real trouble today. I shouldn’t be surprised, as I’m up to 150 lbs on them now, and it’s been nearly a week since I’ve done them. That being said, I think I did pretty good. The first set I did five reps, but didn’t touch my chest with the bar on the last rep, so I’m not counting it. Same with the fourth set. If I’d done a warm-up set before starting, I might’ve done the proper five on that first set, but by that time I was running out of lunch hour. Probably why I failed the fourth set as well, not enough rest time between sets.

I’ll get back to the gym again on Monday for Workout B. Gotta go for that milestone on deadlifts! See you then.

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