Fit Report – June 6th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout B – Video Edition

Bit of a rushed workout today, as I didn’t have as much time for lunch as I’d have liked. The saving grace IMG_5575there is that since I took Friday off of working out to save my legs for Ride for Heart on Sunday, and I took yesterday off from the gym because my legs were tired from Ride for Heart on Sunday, I pretty much had to deload today. Okay, technically the app wants you to deload after a week off, but it’s been six days, so close enough.

As an aside, cycling 50 km on the freeway in the pouring rain only to have the sun come out as you sit down to lunch afterward is still, bizarrely, fun. 8/10 would do it again. And I raised $1375 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation to boot!

I dropped my squats down to 185 lbs, and they were a workout, but light enough that I could get away with waiting only two minutes between sets. I also deloaded my overhead press to 85 lbs, partly because of the layoff and partly because I didn’t want to tax my shoulder too much. Again, lighter weight meant less waiting between sets.

The one thing I didn’t deload, however, was deadlifts, because come on, I was going for a new personal best! Here’s my attempt at lifting 245 lbs:

Nailed it! Woot! That means that next time I’ll be going for 250 lbs, a milestone if ever there was one!

I’ll be back in to the gym on Thursday for Workout A, so see you then.

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