Fit Report – May 31st, 2017 – 5×5 Workout A

Not particularly happy with today’s workout, if I’m being perfectly honest. Oh, I know the image below shows me having completed everything successfully, but there are caveats to that.

IMG_5545First off, I stayed at 205 lbs on my squats even though I successfully did that weight the last time, since I want to keep my legs (relatively) fresh for Ride for Heart on Sunday. However, my legs were feeling pretty good last night and this morning and so I probably biked home/to work a bit faster than I usually do. That meant that they were tired when I got to the gym, so of course the squats still sucked. I finished them, but they sucked. Moving on…

Bench press was kinda crappy, if I’m honest. Based on my shoulder pain from last time, I lowered the weight by 25 lbs, down to 115 lbs. I also adjusted my grip inwards a bit, figuring that I was gripping too far out for my arm length. I also made sure to concentrate on keeping my elbows tucked closer to my body, not letting them flare out to the sides when I pressed the weight. Still, after a couple of sets of this, the shoulder pain started to return, so I’m not pleased about that. I’m probably going to further reduce the weight I’m pressing for next time, to try and work on the mechanics and give my shoulder time to heal. It’ll let me strengthen my back while I give my chest a bit of a rest, and really, to prevent impingement your back should be at least as strong as your chest.

Speaking of my back, I’m now at a weight (145 lbs) on barbell row where the exercise has become tough again. That’s a good thing, but I’ve never been fond of this exercise so my body isn’t happy to have to work at it. I did manage to complete all five sets with a couple of minutes of wait time in between, and hopefully I’ll manage at 150 next time, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the difficulty ramp up quickly. The non-leg focused exercises tend to get hard all of a sudden; the five pound increments make a surprisingly big difference to your arms/chest/back.

I’m not sure what my plan is for Friday’s workout. I’ll be going in to the gym, but whether I stay at 205 lbs on squats before the big ride is up in the air. I’ll probably stick with it. Plus there’s the added question of whether or not I go for another personal best on deadlifts or take it easy (just kidding, gotta try for a new PB). I might be better served to just take the day off from cycling, since that seems to take more of a toll on my legs than weights seem to. We’ll see.

See you then.



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