Fit Report – May 29th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout B – Video Edition

As it turns out, maybe my new wide grip on bench press needs a little technique refinement. After Wednesday’s workout, I initially felt fine, but as the day wore on, and particularly the next day, my left shoulder started to hurt. The old, familiar feeling of impingement, from what I could tell. Fortunately the pain wore off after a few days, but I thought it best to rest it instead of hitting the gym on Friday, hence the delay in workout posts.

My guess is that as I was straining to push 140 lbs, my elbows were flaring out to the side(90º, when they really should be held at a 70º angle. It’s something that I’ll really need to watch out for. It probably wasn’t much of an issue before because the narrow grip lends itself to having the elbows tucked in a bit. I might need to adjust my grip back in somewhat, split the difference as we say in the VFX industry.

That being said, I felt well enough to go back in to the gym today, but I was going to be cautious about it. That, combined with the fact that I was exhausted from being up half the night with a restless toddler, meant some deloading.

IMG_5536I dropped my squats down 10 lbs to 205, A: because I was tired, and B:, because this Sunday is Ride for Heart and I don’t want my legs to be fried before I do a 50km ride. Still, I wasn’t expecting them to be as hard as they were. It really took a lot of effort, and by the last set I was waiting the full three minutes. That said, I did manage them. I’ll probably leave them at 205 for the rest of the week, just to preserve my legs.

I also deloaded my overhead press by 10 lbs, to 95. That’s the one I was worried about today, to be honest. Happy to say, though, that I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort, so I’m cautiously optimistic about adding weight next time.

Deadlifts, though, were the shining light of today’s workout. There was no way I was going to deload those, knowing that I was going for a new personal best today, so go for it I did. The result?

New personal best, baby! 240 lbs, and if I’m honest, it didn’t feel like that much of a struggle. So close to hitting that 250 lb milestone! Just another couple of workouts if all goes well.

I’ll be back in to the gym on Wednesday, work permitting, for Workout A. That’ll be another day of deload, particularly on bench press, and working on technique. See you then.

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