Fit Report – May 24th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout A

So today’s post is a day late, but only because the workout is also a day late. I meant to get to the gym yesterday, but work ate into my lunch break and I didn’t get time, so today it was. I didn’t want that extra day, since I’d already had one from the holiday on Monday, but what can you do.

Anyway, today’s workout came after a day and a half of commuting by bike again, so I was all prepared IMG_5473for squats to suck. Which they did, to be sure, but no more than usual. I was able to do the full five sets at 210 lbs with no real problems, resting between sets from two and a half minutes after Set 1 to three minutes after Set 4.

Next workout will be back up to 215 lbs on squats, the weight that I failed out so miserably on before deloading. My legs aren’t as tired right now, so maybe it’s doable. Time will tell.

Bench press was a different story today. Still trying the wider grip, and it’s showing just how much I was relying on my triceps to push the weight up before. I was trying to match my previous personal best today, but I just wasn’t able to do it. I did three sets on my own, and they were tough, but I managed. The last rep of that third set was hard, though, so I asked another gym member to spot me for the fourth set. With a bit of help from him I managed to get the fifth rep up, but since I didn’t do it on my own I’m not counting it as a complete set. Same with the fifth set, I needed his help on the last two reps, so I’m only counting three. Hopefully I can progress on this next time.

Barbell row was rushed today. I had to wait for a rack to do squats at the beginning of the workout, so I was rushed for time by the end of it. Therefore form went out the window. I would have liked to wait longer between sets on barbell row, but still, I managed the five sets with the time I had left, and just managed to get back to work on time.

Friday will be back to the gym for Workout B, where hopefully I’ll improve my overhead press, and I’ll be trying for a new personal best on deadlifts. See you then.

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