Fit Report – May 17th/19th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout A/B

Oh look, another two for one post, and this one’s even a day late from the second workout. Even though I’ve been off this week, it’s been a super busy one, always on the go. The kids sure do keep you busy, but at least I got time to get in my workouts, even if the blog posts are late.


Let’s start with Wednesday (the ‘today’ on the left, since I’m too lazy to do a new screen grab with the proper date on it).  Back up to 200 lbs on squats, and no problems with them. Again, that could be due to a lack of daily cycling, although I did tow my daughter in the bike trailer up a hill to swimming twice this week (so much work).

It was also my second time doing bench press with a wide grip, and I didn’t seem to have any problems with it. Next time will be back up to my personal best of 140 lbs, so fingers crossed that I can manage it.  I’m still managing to keep up to bench press with my barbell row at this point, but the barbell row is definitely getting tough, especially while trying to maintain proper form.

As for Friday, another day of squats, up to 205 lbs. I’m going to miss the mid-morning workouts next week when I go back to work. No lineups for the squat racks, no pressure to get out of them quickly. We’ll also have to see how it goes Tuesday after biking in to work again.

Overhead press didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, but I wasn’t surprised. 105 lbs would have tied my personal best, but it seems that I wasn’t up to it yesterday. I managed three full sets, but the last rep of the third set took all I had, so I knew that the fourth set wasn’t going to happen. Only two reps, but after a bit of a wait I at least managed three reps on the last set. They really are my least favourite of the five exercises.

Deadlifts went well. I did the full set at 235 lbs, tying my personal best. No problems at all. Next time I’ll be going for a new personal best at 240 lbs, so again, fingers crossed.

See you back here on Tuesday.

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