Fit Report – May 12th/15th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout A/B

So yeah, Friday was a bit of a busy day for me. Trying to wrap some stuff up at work before taking a week off. Absolutely no time to write up a blog post, even though I did work out that afternoon. And of course with me being off now, I’m working out in the morning to leave as much of the rest of the day free and uninterrupted. So let’s get started on the combined post, shall we?


Friday was my first Workout A since being sick, so of course it meant deloading. Like I did Wednesday, I didn’t deload quite as much as the app told me to, to no ill effect. Kind of glad for the deload, for a couple of reasons. But first, squats.

Squats went well enough on Friday. Unlike the last time I deloaded, my legs weren’t killing me after my first workout back, so I didn’t have any real problems with them. Just enough rest between sets to make them manageable, and done. Today’s squats were just as easy, even with the added 5 lbs, probably because my legs weren’t tired from a bike ride to work. I may bike to the gym on Wednesday, since it’s mostly downhill on the way there. We’ll see.

Here’s where the deload started to come in handy. It allowed me to try the wider grip bench press technique that I mentioned a little while ago with a lower weight. That let me get a feel for it and see if I could do it, without having to worry about failing. Turns out that it’s a little bit harder for me to do it that way. Afterward, I could definitely feel it in my pecs in a way that I couldn’t with the narrower grip, so I think this is a good thing going forward.  As for the other good thing about the deload, it allowed me to even out the weight on my bench press and barbell row. I didn’t like having the barbell row be lower than the bench press, because I still worry about shoulder impingement. This way my back muscles should keep pace with my chest.

As for today, overhead press was back up into the triple digits, and tough. At 100 lbs, it took everything I had (and a bit longer wait time before the last set) to get the last set out, but I managed it. The knurling on the bar is different at the Goodlife by home, so I wasn’t entirely sure I had my grip width the same as I usually do, but it was close enough. Pretty sure the next workout B is gonna suck for overhead press, as I’ll be trying for 105 lbs again, which is the most I’ve ever successfully completed.

Deadlifts were easy enough today at 230 lbs. Nothing really to say here. I’ll be back up to my top weight next time though, and going for a new PB the time after that.

See you Wednesday for Workout A.


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