Fit Report – May 10th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout B

Well then, sad to say that this is only my second workout post in the month of May. In my last post I mentioned wanting to get in a workout because I thought I was about to get sick. Wouldn’t you know it, I was right. It hit me on Wednesday and hasn’t really let up until today. Aches, fever, hacking cough. To tell the truth I still have a bit of the cough, but it was finally down to the point today where I was sure I wouldn’t have a coughing fit while trying to lift a couple hundred pounds.

Sadly, it seems like any time I’ve started making progress this winter/spring, some illness has come along to derail it. Joys of having a kid in kindergarten, I guess. I can’t really remember having a cold/flu season that’s hit me so hard in years. So yeah, since it’s been over a week since my last workout, I had to deload this time. Still, I didn’t want to drop down as far as the app wanted me to, so I made some adjustments. I dropped 20 lbs on squats, 10 lbs on overhead press, and 10 lbs on deadlift. I’d like to get back to where I was relatively quickly, and dropping the weight as much as it said seemed like too much.

That being said, I managed today’s workout without too much trouble. Minimal coughing, although my IMG_5392breathing and heart rate seemed a bit ragged. I’ve biked to work the last three days, so my cardio isn’t completely shot, but the effort still got them going.

Squats went well enough at 185 lbs. I waited between two minutes and three minutes for the sets, increasing as I went. I probably could have done it with less wait time, but I wanted to kind of ease back into it.

Overhead press at 95 lbs was doable. I did the same thing as with squats, starting at two minutes of wait time and working up to three. The last rep of the last set was tough, but I think I’ll have no problems increasing to 100 lbs next time.

Deadlifts at 225 lbs went well, too. According to the app I should have dropped a further 15 lbs from them, but I wanted to stay at big boy weight at least. No problems at that weight, and I should be back to trying for a new personal best in a couple of weeks.

The plan is to be back in on Friday for Workout A, always assuming the cute little plague rat doesn’t bring something else home from school to challenge my immune system.

See you then!

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