Fit Report – Apr. 28th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout B, Video Edition

Back at it for only my second workout of the week, sadly. Wednesday I got busy with work and ended up with a shortened lunch break, not enough time to hit the gym. I went out and had lunch with a friend yesterday, so today is the day.

Things started off well enough with squats. The usual, tough but doable with enough rest between sets. IMG_5320Back up to 195 lbs now, so it’ll be 200 lbs next workout.

I was hoping (small hope, I try to be fairly realistic about my goals, workout-wise) that I could set another new personal best today on overhead press, but it wasn’t to be. Today was my first ever attempt at 110 lbs, and let me tell you, when you get up to your upper limits, adding five pounds makes a huge difference. I managed one complete set at 110, but just barely. It took everything I had to get out the last rep, and consequently I had nothing at all for the next set. I couldn’t even manage one rep. I decided to drop back down to 105 lbs(hence the image saying 105), and managed 3 reps of that for the second set. After a three minute wait I managed a full set on the third set, but that was about as good as it got. Four reps and three reps for the last two sets.

I’m disappointed that I couldn’t continue with 110 lbs, to be honest. Usually I can at least get partial sets for all five with a new weight, but not this time. Perhaps if I hadn’t pushed it quite so much trying for five reps on the first set I could have done more? Might be worth checking out next time.

On to happier news, though. I did manage to set a new personal best on deadlifts – 235 lbs! Here, see for yourself.

It was definitely a strain, and my grip kept threatening to give out on me, but I did it. A few seconds of rest between reps four and five to readjust the grip and get ready, and it’s done! If I can keep adding weight on deadlifts, in two more Workout Bs I’ll be at 250 lbs, which is kind of a milestone. Here’s hoping.

Have a good weekend, everyone. See you back here on Monday for Workout A.

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