Fit Report – Apr. 24th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout A

And just like that, we’re back into the territory of personal bests.

So glad I manually deloaded the squats last week instead of letting the app do it. It means that I can give my legs a break and still make progress elsewhere. So while squats were at a lower weight again today (190 lbs, no problems there with two minute breaks between sets), I was able to continue uninterupted with my bench press and barbell row.

And yes, progress was made in the face of a daunting new challenge! Bench press outside of the rack!

I really needed to movIMG_5292e out of the squat rack for bench press because I was just taking up too much time on equipment other people are waiting to use, and I don’t want to be that guy. In that spirit, I did my squats today and moved out to the bench press area to begin that segment of my workout. I was a bit nervous, to be sure. This was going to be a new high weight for me(135 lbs – 45 lb plates on either end of the bar), and I wouldn’t have the catch bars to roll the weight off of me if I failed a set. Still, there are always lots of people around, and always someone who could spot me/rescue me if I needed help/got pinned.

Anyway, I made myself be brave and went for it. I made sure I gave myself lots of time between sets (2:30 after the first set, 2:45 after the second, 3:00 thereafter) and I was able to do it. So woot! New personal best! Go me! That and no pressure to vacate the rack during bench adds up to a win in my books.

Barbell row was barbell row. I did it fairly quickly (as I was running out of time), and while my form probably wasn’t perfect, it was good enough. Starting to notice it’s becoming more difficult with the added weight, so going forward I’ll likely have to wait longer than the default ninety seconds between sets. Not just yet, though.

Back in Wednesday for Workout B. See you then..


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