Fit Report – Apr. 19th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout A

Yup, the cycling is definitely catching up with me. What’s weird is that after Monday’s tough squats and bike ride home (into the wind, again), my legs actually felt pretty good yesterday morning. They seemed to have energy, and the bike ride in to work felt pretty easy. The fact that the wind was behind me may have had something to do with that, though. The ride home last night was, of course, into the wind again, and this morning’s ride in wasn’t nearly as nice. My legs felt tired and sore, and I was pretty sure they were going to affect my workout.

Affect it they did. I managed to fail a set of squats right out of the gate. Only four reps the first set, so not a great start. After that first set, I only waited three minutes instead of the five the app recommends after a IMG_5278failed set (I work out at lunch, and have limited time). Still, I surprisingly managed the full five reps for sets two and three. Sets four and five were back to four reps, however, so a bit of a mixed bag.

I have a feeling that I’m probably going to fail 215 lbs a third time, which shouldn’t be surprising given how much work my legs are getting now. Hopefully not, but if it comes to that, I’ll manually deload the squats rather than letting the app handle it. For some reason it wants to deload all your exercises if you fail one of them three times, and I don’t need to deload the others if they’re going along just fine.

Happier things, now. With the appropriate (read: full) wait time between sets, I managed to do all five sets of bench press at 130 lbs. Last time I didn’t wait long enough and was out of gas after the fourth set. This time I had enough in the tank, and managed the sets without too much difficulty. Hopefully this strategy will pay off next time when I’m at 135 lbs, which will tie my personal best on bench.

Barbell row went well enough. I’m back up to 125 lbs with them, and they’re easy enough that I’m only waiting 90 seconds between sets. My form is still pretty good, too, so no concerns there.

Back in for Workout B on Friday. See you then.

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