Fit Report – Apr. 17th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout B

Good thing I had all that extra time from the long weekend to rest my legs. Wouldn’t want to fail a set…

Oh wait, I just did.

Yup, even with 5 days off from the gym and three off from cycling (with the exception of this morning’s ride in to work) I wasn’t able to finish all five sets. Tantalizingly close, as that that failed rep was the last rep of the last set. I really thought I could do it. Hoped I could, anyway. The last rep of the fourth set was much like the last rep in Wednesday’s video; a lot of effort to complete. Even waiting 3:15 between sets four and five couldn’t get me there, unfortunately, so it’ll be a rehash of 215 lbs when I go back in on Wednesday. The last time I did 215 lbs I was able to do it, and the 220 lbs that followed, so I’m guessing fatigue from cycling has something to do with it.

IMG_5275Aside from that one hiccup, the workout went well. Waiting an appropriate amount of time between sets of overhead press (2:45 after the first set, 3:00 every set thereafter) allowed me to complete 5×5 on them. So now I’m tied with my previous personal best on them, and I’ll make yet another attempt at 105 lbs next time.

Deadlifts went pretty well, too. Back up to ‘big boy weight’, 225 lbs. I’ve been increasing my deadlift weight by 10 lbs per workout since I deloaded a few weeks ago, but from this point I’ll go back to 5 lb increments. No sense in getting ahead of myself. I think I’ve figured out the problem I was having before with my grip on them. The first rep today I was getting some pain in my fingers of my left hand, but with a little positional adjustment it went away. I think the bar was just resting too much on the pads of my fingers and not enough in the space behind the knuckles. Anyway, hopefully that’s sorted now, and won’t be a problem in the future.

See you again Wednesday for Workout A.

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