Weekly Weigh-In / Fit Report – Apr. 12th, 2016 – 5×5 Workout A

Another two-fer post today, weigh-in and workout. I managed to get in to use the scale at the gym today, so let’s start there.

IMG_5239To begin with, my weight is unchanged from the last time I weighed in, 157.6 lbs. That being said, we’ll look at the other numbers, for what they’re worth. My water remains relatively unchanged – up 0.2 lbs – so we’re mostly dealing with apples to apples here. What the numbers are saying is that while my weight has stayed the same, I’ve dropped 0.4 lbs of fat and gained the same amount back in Fat Free Mass, ie. muscle and water. I’m sure it’s all within the margin of error, though. Overall I’m happy with this weigh-in, and if I’m still going up with my weights during the workout, I must be putting on some muscle, right?

Well, with that out of the way, I guess we move on to the aforementioned workout.

Oh my god my legs are tired… I guess that’s to be expected when your commute makes every day leg day. Last week I only biked twice, and I had a day off in between because of the weather, so even though I had rough rides against the wind, I had recovery days to balance it out. This week I’ve biked to work three days in a row, doing squats at the gym on two of those days. So yeah, my legs are tired.

I was expecting a lot of trouble with squats today, and yeah, they were tough. Tough enough that I was pretty sure after each set that I wouldn’t be able to complete the next one. Amazingly enough, though, I managed. It was a real struggle, though. I started with 2:45 between sets 1 and 2, 3:00 between 2, 3 and 4, and went up to 3:15 before set 5, because at that point I really wanted that last set. Take a look for yourself.

Yup, that’s me doing my last set. As you can see I spend a lot of time at the beginning making sure my feet are placed just right, and honestly, working myself up to actually do the set. I also give myself just a second or two longer at the top between the last few reps, just to give my muscles that tiny bit of recovery time. Do you see just how pink I go all over with the strain on the last rep or two? That’s me holding my breath to keep my core stable and help push up the weight.

IMG_5249I’m so glad this Friday is a holiday and I can have a few extra days for my legs to recover before going for 215 lbs…

The workout wasn’t all strenuous sunshine and roses, though. I actually managed to fail my last set of bench press pretty spectacularly today, bailing after two reps. The problem was that on the last rep of the fourth set, I had to give it everything, and I mean everything I had to get the bar up that one last time. I managed, but even with waiting the full three minutes before the last set my muscles no longer had enough in the tank. For next time I’ll know to wait longer between sets from the beginning, instead of just at the end. Hopefully with better results.

Barbell row was unremarkable today. I took a video of that too, just to check out my form. I’m not posting it here, but to my surprise my back isn’t curving as much as I thought it was, and is actually fairly neutral, so that’s good.

Like I said, holiday on Friday, so I won’t be back to the gym until Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

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