Fit Report – Apr. 10th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout B

Oh man am I exhausted. Call it a combination of a rough night’s sleep, a morning bike ride to work, and a workout at the gym, but I’m ready to pass out. And I still have to ride home tonight. Potentially in a thunderstorm. What fun!

My legs are just so tired, too. I did a 5k ride yesterday with my girls in a trailer behind me, so add on 85 lbs of rolling resistance there. I remember just how tired they were at the end of last cycling season, and if this is how tired they are at the beginning of this one I may be in trouble.

IMG_5220That being said, tired legs didn’t stop me from finishing five sets of squats today, although it did mean taking an appropriate amount of rest time between sets. I started with 2:15 of rest after the first set and added 15 seconds after each of the sets, up to three minutes between sets four and five. I’m still at least four workouts away from being back to trying for 225 again, and hopefully I can do it, but honestly with the cycling, who knows if I’ll be able to. I’ll just have to see how it goes.

Rest played a big factor in overhead press today, too. I went with the same rest breakdown as listed for squats, and I was able to do all five sets at 95 lbs with less difficulty than I had a week ago at 90. No heroic struggle on the last rep this time, although it was still tough. Next time will be 100 lbs again, which is still the highest weight I’ve ever been able to complete the full five sets of.

Deadlifts went well enough at 215 lbs, but I did have grip issues today, in that it kind of hurt to grip the bar during the exercise. It’ll probably be the case that next time will be no problem at all. There really seems to be no rhyme or reason.

Back in Wednesday for Workout A. Friday is a holiday, so it’ll be a two workout week again, if you don’t count biking. See you then.

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