Fit Report – Apr. 5th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout A

Man, my legs are tired.

Probably not as tired as they’d be if there hadn’t been torrential rain around the time I needed to go to work yesterday. Otherwise I would have biked, and then they’d be more tired. But no, yesterday morning the sky opened up, and there was no way I was going to bike to work in rain that would soak me through before I’d completed 10% of the ride. Not at these temperatures, anyway. The dumb thing was I should’ve brought my workout gear down with me so I could do cardio at the gym, but my brain doesn’t always work so well.

Anyway, nicer morning today, and I was able to bike in to work. Feeling it in my legs after Monday’s ride. Not so much the ride to work, but the ride home was directly into 40 km/h winds, combined with the usual uphill section. Maybe just as well that I took yesterday off. I was worried how much it was going to affect my workout. It did, for sure, but I was still able to complete everything.

IMG_5193Squats weren’t a lot of fun on tired legs, but they weren’t as hard as I was expecting. I made sure to take lots of time between sets to rest, starting at 2:15 and adding ten seconds per set, or 2:45 between sets four and five. Nice to be back in the 200s again, just for ego’s sake.

On bench press I went up by ten pounds again, putting me at 125 lbs. I think from this point I’ll go back to five pound increments. While it was doable, I did have to work for the last reps, so it’s time to scale back. I’m near enough to my pre-deload weight that caution is prudent.

Barbell row also went up by ten pounds, and similarly, I’ll go back to five pound increments on it next time as well. It’s always been one of my weaker exercises, so better safe than sorry.

Tomorrow looks like it’s going to be really rainy again, so if I have to drive in, I’ll bring my workout gear and go for a run. Maybe I’ll be brave and get soaked. Who knows?

Catch you Friday for Workout B.

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