Weekly *ahem* Weigh-In / Fit Report – Feb. 7th, 2017 – 5×5 Workout A

Yes kids, you read that right. I actually got in to use the body composition scale today. I fortunately ran into an available personal trainer right outside the locker room, so I didn’t have to try and track anyone down. Combine that with an unused consultation room and we have ourselves a weigh-in! The first one since… oh jeez… Dec. 8th. Pretty hard to call it weekly when this is the first one in two months…

WW_2017_01_08Okay, then, let’s see what the damage is. As I mentioned before, I lost about 4-5 lbs over four weeks through inactivity from being sick around the Christmas holidays/first half of January, so I was curious/anxious about what I’d see today. Have I gained anything back? If so, what type of mass have I gained back? What did I lose?

Well, it seems I’m back up to almost exactly my weight from the start of December, within 0.2 lbs. So what do the other numbers tell us, when we compare the two? It looks like I’ve lost fat, and gained water and fat free mass. My Body Fat % is down nearly a full percentage point, and my Fat Mass shows me down nearly a pound and a half. Conversely, my Fat Free Mass shows me up 1.2 lbs and my Body Water says I’m up one pound. So it looks like if I lost muscle mass over the holidays, I’ve gained it back over the last few weeks. Which makes sense, I guess, since I’m getting close to being back at my personal bests on most of my exercises.

IMG_4960Speaking of which, let’s take a look at those. Contrary to what I feared, yesterday’s run didn’t seem to affect today’s workout. Even though my quads felt stiff and tired last night, squats went okay today with adequate rest between sets. I’m still resting for a maximum of two minutes betweeen sets for now, and that seems like enough.

Likewise bench press. It’s at least is starting to get harder again. I’m still only waiting a maximum of 90 seconds between sets, so for now progress continues unabated. Barbell row felt a bit harder today. It felt like I had to work on maintaining form more than I did last time. I might stay at 110 lbs for next time, just to work on form again, but we’ll see.

Back in tomorrow for another jaunt on the treadmill, and another episode of Breaking Bad. Can’t wait! See you then.

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