Fit Report – Dec. 7th, 2016 – 5×5 Workout A

When I got up this morning I wasn’t sure I’d even make it to the gym today. Up with restless kiddos again half the night, and I felt like garbage when I rolled out of bed. Fast forward a few hours and a large coffee later, and I felt like I should at least make the effort, so in I went.

Today’s gym experience was seriously the polar opposite of Monday’s. All three racks were in use, so I asked a guy who was obviously just starting how many sets he’d be doing. Right away he offered to work in with me, even lowering the bar rests to accommodate that I’m about 8 inches shorter than him. Just as polite and friendly as can be. Also gave me a slight ego boost when I was going to be lifting 15 lbs more than him and he told me his ego wouldn’t let him do less. 😉

Glad to say that yesterday’s run didn’t seem to have any adverse effect on today’s workout. My legs felt good through squats, and I had no real problems squatting 200 lbs. Probably 5x5_a_0029helped that my between set time was slightly longer than normal due to switching out with the other guy. Back up to 205 lbs next workout, which is where I was at before failing out three times and a succession of deloads.

Bench press went really well today. I made sure to pinch my shoulder blades together like the Stronglifts guy says, and it makes a difference. I was able to get in five sets of five at 135 lbs, a new personal best for me! Only the last rep of the last set gave me any difficulty, and even that wasn’t too bad. I didn’t have to really strain hard to get through it.

Barbell row today was all about technique. Last time I deloaded 15 lbs to work on my back posture, and today I further deloaded another 20, down to 115 lbs. Even at that low weight (which is much easier to lift, naturally), I could feel my back wanting to roll and hunch over, so I focused pretty hard on maintaining a neutral back position throughout. I could really feel it in the lower back muscles, so I know they weren’t getting as much of a workout as they should have, thanks to the bad form. I’m actually going to keep the weight at 115 lbs for a few workouts, at least until the good form becomes less difficult to maintain, and then I’m going to slowly add to it. The last thing I want is a back injury out of this.

Back to the gym tomorrow for another cardio day and a weigh-in, assuming I can get at the scale. I’ll be taking Friday off to meet a friend for lunch, so my next weightlifting session will have to wait until Monday.


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