Weekly Weigh-In / Fit Report – Dec. 2nd, 2016 – 5×5 Workout A

Well, I managed to make it into the room with the body composition scale today. Turns out no one was in for an appointment yesterday, they just accidentally locked it and the trainer I talked to didn’t know where the key was.

ww_2016_12_02Now that I’ve finally weighed myself, there’s some good news. I’m 1.8 lbs down from last week’s painful weigh-in, which puts me at 162.2 lbs and begins to put my mind at ease. That said, a full pound of that is water, because I’ve been lax about staying hydrated this week. Even with the dehydration, though, I’m reading a fat loss over last week, which is odd, since low water usually makes the fat reading on the scale read higher.

I’ve been good about my lunches this week (boneless, skinless chicken breast and salad every day), although my dinners have still maybe not been the best, portion-wise. Working on that, though. Now to make sure I drink that water…

As for the workout, I was leery of squats today, just because I ran for the first time in six months yesterday, and I could feel my legs were tired. Sure enough, they felt a bit tougher 5x5_a_0028than Wednesday’s workout, but not hugely so. I’m still able to do them without huge wait times between sets, so progress continues.

Bench press went well enough, even if I felt rushed by the guy waiting for the rack. I shouldn’t have let it bother me, but I found myself waiting less time between sets than I would have liked, and as a result the last rep of the last set was rough. Still managed to push through it, though, so onward and upward next week. I’ll be back to my previous failure weight on them, so fingers crossed.

Barbell row was admittedly crap today. I did my first set at 150 lbs, the weight I was scheduled to lift. I noticed, however, that my form was awful. My back was arching terribly while I did them, and I was struggling somewhat. I decided for the rest of the sets to drop 15 lbs and try to improve my form, but my back was still rounding unless I really worked at it. I think next time I’ll deload it further and really concentrate on maintaining my form. Last thing I want is a lower back injury.

See you back here on Monday for Workout B.

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