Fit Report – Nov. 23rd, 2016 – 5×5 Workout A

Back to the gym today for a workout, but not a weigh-in. The plan is to head back in tomorrow for a cardio day and to weigh myself.

If yesterday had been my chosen workout day, it wouldn’t have happened. Monday night I was up half the night with a sick little girl, and yesterday I was just wiped out. Fortunately she’s starting to feel a bit better, and last night she had a much better night, so I felt a bit more rested this morning.

5x5_a_0026Today was my second workout since I deloaded my squats again, and I’m happy to report that I’m still not getting that pain in my right glutes when I squat. I’m not sure if it’s the lower weight or if it’s better foot placement, but so far it’s working, and hopefully it continues pain-free as the weight climbs.

My bench press weight is slowly climbing back up. I’m still 15 lbs off my highest weight, but I’m getting there. Another couple of weeks should have me back, and hopefully through that weight. It’s not difficult at 120 lbs, by any means, so fingers crossed that the trend continues.

Barbell row gets so tough so quickly. My back muscles just don’t seem to gain strength like my other muscles do. I can tell that my technique is going to start suffering soon, but hopefully I can continue to a new personal best weight before then.

Barring calamity, I should see you again tomorrow for a weigh-in and cardio day. I’m hoping to get a run in (trying for 5k, even if it’s slow and involves walking), but we’ll see if my knees can take it. If it’s too painful, I’ll probably just switch to the ArcTrainer. See you then.

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