Fit Report – Nov. 14th/16th/21st, 2016 – 5×5 Workout B/A/B

Oh boy, have I been slacking on reporting my workouts. I thought I’d missed doing a blog entry for last Wednesday’s workout. Well, I had. But it turns out I’d forgotten to do one on Monday as well. Joys of being super busy with work and having sick kids at home. Things slip your mind.

But lets set that right today, shall we? I’ll just put out an image of all three workouts (today’s included).


The first thing you’ll likely notice is that I’ve deloaded my squats again. This despite having completed the full 5×5 both Monday and Wednesday of last week. I’ve strained or pinched something in my right glutes/hip, and I thought I’d better take the strain off, even after 5 days rest. What I think has happened is that my foot position hasn’t been great (I’ve been squatting with toes turned out, and maybe too far apart), and that combined with the lower squat dip has resulted in pain. So today I dropped down 20 lbs 10 165 lbs in the hopes of A: not straining the muscle any more, and B: fixing my form. Pleased to say that squatting 165 didn’t hurt at all, although the hip still ached a bit afterward. Wednesday’s workout I was feeling pain with each squat, so this is a definite improvement.

Last Monday’s overhead press was successful, but today’s was less so. I only got three reps in the last set, which I think was due to taking too little time between sets. I’ll rest a bit longer next time, and hopefully I’ll get it.

Deadlifts and barbell row are going along well. Barbell row gets difficult again rather quickly after deloading, but hopefully I can keep good form as the weight goes up. Deadlifts are bugging me because each time I get close to the weight I couldn’t do before, I’ve had to deload because of too much time off. Not this time, though. I will get back up to 225 lbs, and I will lift it, damnit.

Back to the gym on Wednesday for Workout A (and a blog post, I promise).

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