Weekly Weigh-In / Fit Report – Nov. 9th, 2016 – 5×5 Workout B

Ugh. I haven’t been to the gym since last Tuesday. And of course that means that I haven’t done a weigh-in in nearly two weeks, a fact that bothers me since I haven’t missed a weigh-in since I got back on this fitness journey.

Some of the reason I haven’t been to work out was factors beyond my control, work meetings that got pushed to lunchtime, then rescheduled at the last minute when it was already too late to go to the gym. Some of it was feeling crappy after a long night up with the kids. At least one missed day was due to the stupidity (albeit fun and worth it) of thinking myself and a bunch of old guys can go all out playing football once a year, and suffering for it for the next few days. And one day missed was down to absentmindedly forgetting to bring my gym stuff to work.

ww_2016_11_09But putting aside all that, I went back to the gym today. It really annoys me that I need to get a personal trainer to take me to use the body composition scale when I want to use it. But use it I did, and the tale it tells is one of stasis. Basically nothing has changed for me in the last two weeks. My weight has dropped by 0.2 lbs, which is negligible. My body water remains the same, as does my Fat Free Mass. Body fat has gone down the same 0.2 lbs as my weight, but I’m not betting the farm on the accuracy of the scale. Still, stasis is better than going in the wrong direction, I suppose, so there’s that. I’ll just have to watch what I eat a little closer and hit the gym as much as I’m supposed to. I also need to find a replacement for all the cardio I’m not getting now that I’m driving in to work. Sigh.

Speaking of exercise, let’s get on to the workout. Since it’s been over a week, the Stronglifts app suggested that I needed to deload, since my muscles wouldn’t be used to the weight anymore and I’d likely be very sore afterward. Last time I didn’t take its advice, and I suffered for it, so as much as it pained me to drop down further on my squats (I just deloaded a couple of weeks ago), I think it was the right course of action. Sadly, this puts me down to 170 lbs on squats, and back into double digits on overhead press. At least I’m still above 200 lbs on deadlifts, so that’s okay. Ultimately I did the full sets of all exercises, since the weight was so much lower. What I didn’t realize is that it was going to deload all exercises on workout A as well, so next time I go my bench press and barbell row will have decreased as well.

Silver lining to all this, though. I was rushed today for workout time. I had a meeting scheduled for when I would normally be at the gym, so I went a bit early. The deloading meant that I didn’t have to wait nearly so long between sets, and I was able to do the workout in record time. Still, I’ll be pushing myself to get back up where I was, as the thought of sliding backwards on these exercises I’ve worked so hard to progress on galls me. I won’t be hitting any personal bests for a while. It’s a process, though, and I just have to take the good with the bad. I just need to make sure I get to the gym enough so that I don’t have to do this again.

Back on Friday for Workout A. See you then.

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