Weekly Weigh-In – Oct. 27th, 2016 – Recalibration Edition / Fit Report – 5×5 Workout A

Well, here we are. My first weigh-in on a brand new scale. What mysterious numbers will the magic box reveal, and what will they mean?

Well, for starters, it’s revealed a bunch of numbers that are wildly different than the ones the McCaul St scale spat out. As for what they mean, who knows?

Let’s start with weight. Not sure if the different scale makes a difference or not, but it shows ww_2016_10_27me back up to 163 lbs. That was a bit of a gut punch, let me tell you. It would be nice to weigh myself on the two scales, one after the other, just for comparison’s sake, but let’s just say for argument’s sake that they’re equal in this regard. The weight gain could be food still in my system, could be gained muscle or fat, or it could be – wait for it – water. Let’s compare the numbers, shall we?

And the difference between the two is meaningless! They’re so different that I’d basically be comparing apples to pineapples, never mind oranges. The water difference between the two scales is over 8 lbs, putting me back in the territory I was in back before the McCaul St scale suddenly misplaced nearly 10 lbs of my body water. This number actually makes more sense, as when I do the math, my Body Water % works out to about 60% of my total mass, which is where it should be, more or less. Of course, with the higher water reading, ALL of the other readings are now totally out of whack as well.

My Body Fat % shows a colossal 6.2 percentage point drop, which is mindboggling. Equally crazy is how it now shows me down almost 10 lbs of fat, and up l0 lbs of Fat Free Mass.

So while the numbers don’t mean a damn thing in relation to last week, they’ll have to serve as my new benchmark going forward.

Speaking of benches, now’s as good a time as any to talk workout.

The gym was busy when I got there, but oddly enough the squat racks weren’t, so I got to start right away. Today was deload day for squats, dropping down 25 lbs to 180 total. It was a lot easier, of course, than the 205 lbs I was attempting my last three tries, but far from a 5x5_a_0022walk in the park. The nice thing was, again, that I didn’t have to wait as long between sets since I wasn’t failing them, which sped things along nicely.

Bench press was a bit of a heart breaker today. It was my third attempt at 135 lbs, and I was really hoping I could do it. And for a while it looked like I would. The first three sets went well (already better than last time), I managed the fourth set, even though the last rep was tough. It all fell apart on the last rep, though. Just couldn’t push the bar up that one last time. So, but for one measly rep, I’m now forced to deload 15 lbs, back to 120. Sigh.

Barbell row is getting tough again. For the first time since I figured out better form, I wasn’t able to do all five sets properly. I did five sets of five reps, but like before, on one or two reps I didn’t quite get the bar all the way to my chest, so I have to count that as a failure. No biggie, really. I was starting to get to the point with them that my form was suffering again, so staying put for a while probably isn’t a bad thing. There’s always next time.

Speaking of next time, I’m hoping to get to the gym one day this weekend, but if I don’t, I’ll see you all next week for Workout B.

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