Weekly Weigh-In / Fit Report – Oct. 14th, 2016 – 5×5 Workout A

Ugh. I don’t know what to think about my weight anymore. One week into eating more ww_2016_10_14protein and my weight is up, with my water remaining the same as last week. I honestly thought I’d done better with the water this week, but I guess this way I can get a side by side comparison with last week since the H2O numbers are identical. Fat Free Mass is identical as well, so does that really mean I’ve put on 1.2 lbs of fat since last Wednesday? I know I indulged over Thanksgiving and the Fall Fair, but I didn’t exactly go insane with the food. Is it me? Is it the scale? I don’t really know anymore. Maybe my proteins weren’t lean enough? Sigh…

Let’s move off of the weigh-in to more happy territory, shall we? I didn’t think I was going to, because I biked nearly double my usual daily ride yesterday (over 36 km racked up over four rides), and my legs were so tired, but I actually rocked the squats today. 200 lbs. Five sets of five reps at 200 lbs. Holy crap.

And I was so close to failing that last rep. I could feel my legs wanting to stop, to not push me back up, but I guess I wanted it, and I forced myself to stand back up. I can honestly say that’s 5x5_a_0020the single hardest rep I’ve done of any exercise to date. I was shaking, trembling like crazy once I re-racked the bar, and it took me a few minutes just to settle myself. But now I can say I did it. It’s something I’m proud of.

Bench press wasn’t quite the success story, but it wasn’t all bad, either. I’m up to 135 lbs now, which means the big 45 lb plates on either side of the bar. Big leagues, hehe. And it wen’t pretty well. I managed four complete sets, and with each set that last rep got harder and harder. I thought I could do it, push through and make that last set, alas, it wasn’t so. I couldn’t quite make myself push the bar back up on the last set, so I’ll be trying the same weight again next time.

I used a different bench today, which was apparently just a bit higher off the ground than the one I’m used to. This posed a bit of a problem when I failed the rep, as I was kind of trapped while trying to roll the weight down the safety catches and sit back up. I wasn’t sure I’d actually be able to get it to my lap, but with an extra effort to suck in, well, everything, I managed to roll the bar down and get out from under it. Not that I was in any danger, mind you. I think I’ll stick with the bench I’m used to. It’s a better height for it.

Barbell row went okay, even as it gets tougher. I managed all five sets, but I’m concerned that I’m letting my back curve on the way back down. I might take the 5×5 guy’s advice and record myself doing it so I can see for sure. If that’s the case, I might be better to stay at the same weight and work on form for a bit. Lower weight with good form is better than high weight with bad form. At least it won’t injure you.

See you back here Monday for Workout B.

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