Weekly Weigh-In / Fit Report – Oct. 5th, 2016 – 5×5 Workout B

Well then, another week, another weigh-in. And this week’s position on the rollercoaster is ww_2016_10_05up, but not as high as a few weeks ago. I’m up 0.6 lbs over last week, but my water remains virtually unchanged. I had thought I was doing better on the water consumption, but apparently not. Oh well. My Fat Free Mass is up 0.4 lbs, so maybe I put on a little bit of muscle?

I’ve started using MyFitnessPal to track my protein intake. I’m trying not to worry about calorie intake and just look at the protein numbers for now. So far so good on getting more protein, but doing it through food is going to be hard (that’s a lot of meat to eat), so I’ll continue to supplement with protein shakes. I may buy some protein bars and try those out as well, but the shakes are pretty easy and cost effective.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from today’s workout. Today was the day I got back to the squat weight (185 lbs) I was failing before, so I was a bit nervous heading into it. As it turns out, I needn’t have been. While they weren’t a breeze, I 5x5_b_0018managed to do all five sets of five with no problems, and I only waited the full three minutes before the last set. Honestly, this is something I’m pretty proud of. I broke through a plateau, and hopefully I can successfully add five more pounds next time.

Overhead press went pretty well, too. No back pain, reps were very doable, and I only really had to strain on the last rep of the last set, and even that wasn’t too bad. Next time I’ll be back to my failure weight, so again, hopefully I can break through this plateau and move up again.

Deadlifts were okay today. They’re a strain, but I can still do them. The over/under grip seems to be helping, but I’m worrying about getting up to higher weights again. Fortunately I’m only moving up five pounds at a time right now, so I’ve got a while before I get back to where I couldn’t do them at all. My guess is that I just hit a wall before from going too far too fast. Hopefully it works out better this time around.

See you Friday for Workout A.

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