Fit Report – Sept. 30th, 2016 – 5×5 Workout B

Alright! Another workout with no failed sets! Crushing it!

5x5_b_0017Of course, every one of those exercises was recently deloaded, but hey…

While it almost feels like I’m getting a bit of a breather from the higher weights these exercises used to be, they’re still tough. I’m not having to wait the full time between sets though, so that speeds things up a bit. Fast approaching that, though. Two more workouts and I’ll be back at my failed weight on both squats and overhead press. Here’s hoping I make it through this time.

Overhead press is only marginally less hard at 85 lbs than it was at 95, to be honest. Not quite arching my back as badly as I was, and my lower back didn’t ache between sets like it did at 95 (and indeed at this weight before, so… progress?).

I tried something new with deadlifts today. The Stronglifts website, and indeed, my coworker who put me onto this stuff, recommends an over/under grip when deadlifting higher weight. One of your hands grips the bar overhand, while the other grips underhand. Seems weird, but it works. I’ve seen other people doing it this way as well, so I think I’m going to stick with it. It’ll be a few weeks before I’m back up at my failed weight, but hopefully it’ll help.

See you Monday for Workout A. Have a good weekend!



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