Fit Report – June 21st, 2016 – Abs/Core

Another complicated workout of figuring things out. And it certainly didn’t start well.

I hopped on the treadmill to start today’s workout, and almost immediately noticed pain around my left heel area. Not the same pain as I had before, though. This pain seemed to be around the outside of the heel. Not sure what was causing it because I never noticed it before starting the run, but after about two minutes I decided to call the run off. No sense pushing it and hurting myself. Last time I did that I couldn’t run for a month. No thanks.

So I moved on to an abs/core workout. Dusted off some old exercises from 2011, just to see FR0078how they’d go. It’s another case of try a set at a particular weight, see if it’s enough/too much, and go from there. Mostly I erred on the side of caution for the first set of each and increased weight on the second. Some of the exercises could definitely use more weight next time, and some seem good where I finished up with them. I think I’m happy with the exercises I’ve chosen for this workout. The only one I’m not really sure about is the Side Bends. It didn’t seem to do much, but maybe I just need to add more weight to it.

I purposefully didn’t include a sit-up type exercise in this workout, other than the balance ball crunch (since that mostly works upper abs). Back when I used to do this, I injured myself doing incline crunches, doing something to my lower abs that lingered for a long time. Not sure exactly what it was, but I’m not tempting fate again. Besides, most people agree these days that sit-ups do more harm than good(bad for your spine), and really, I’m not going for a six-pack here(six-packs are more a function of low body fat than big ab muscles anyway).

Rest day tomorrow and back to it on Thursday. Legs/Back, I think.

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