Fit Report – June 14th, 2016 – Fit Fix (Chest/Arms/Core)

Gotta keep this short and sweet today.  As I said yesterday, this is probably my last Fit Fix day FR0075before I change it up. I decided against increasing the weight on my pectoral fly like I said I was going to last time, just because of the shoulder trouble I was having this weekend. I also decided, in that vein, to drop the two shoulder exercises for today’s workout.

Overall, pretty pleased with the rest of the workout. Run was okay, and the weight training went pretty well. I actually managed two full sets of the arm extensions at 60 lbs, which was a surprise considering I couldn’t do one full set of 12 last week. Arm curls went pretty well too. I also increased my leg curl weight without any noticeable difficulty.

Going to go back through old blog posts over the next day or so and figure out what I want to do, workout wise. I have to start with some sort of back routine. Not sure if I want to continue to pair it with legs, or maybe work it in with chest exercises and move legs and arms together. We’ll have to see. Also not looking forward to figuring out how much I can actually lift on the machines/free weights downstairs. Feels a little bit like starting from scratch, which is frustrating, but what can you do, right?

See you for Weigh-In day on Thursday.

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