Fit Report – June 13th, 2016 – Fit Fix (Legs/Back)

Well, sad to say it, but it might be time to retire the Fit Fix circuit and head back downstairs. I’ve started noticing a bit of pain in my shoulders that’s entirely too reminiscent of the impingement pain I used to get my first time round with the gym. Which means that I’m not doing enough work on my back muscles compared to what I’m doing with my chest/shoulders. Makes sense. The Fit Fix circuit has two (upper) back machines, two chest, and two shoulders. I should be doing at least twice as much back as chest/shoulders to keep things in balance. There’s a lot more that I can do on the main floor (for everything, really) than what I can do on the circuit, so downstairs I go.

I’ll probably still do Fit Fix tomorrow while I figure out what I want to do downstairs. The FR0074exercises will all likely be slightly different, so there’ll be a feeling out process again, where I have to figure out how much weight I can shift on various exercises. I’ll have to look back on my old routines and see what worked back then, maybe add a few new things as well. I need to get a proper core day back in there as well, and there’s good equipment down there for that too.

As for today, the workout went pretty well. Cycled to work, standard warm-up run. I added 5 lbs to my lat pulldown and actually managed to do two full sets with it (the last rep made it 80% of the way down, so I’m counting it).

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