Fit Report – May 3rd, 2016 – Fit Fix (Legs/Back)

Well, the weather finally improved enough (again) to make another start on biking to work, so lots of exercise for me today.

imageAt the gym, I decided to increase my pace on the treadmill by 1/3rd of a km/h to 11.1 km/h. It went pretty well, but I had to concentrate on not running heel-toe and to stay more on the front of my feet. I may just take my speed up one more notch to get an even 7.0 mph on the (imperial) treadmill, just because that’s how my head works.

As for the circuit training, I had a pretty good day. I increased weight on my leg extensions without much difficulty. I still had to push hard to finish the second set, so I’ll be keeping that one where it is for next time. Also, I managed to do two full sets of my lag pulldown a, finally! Granted, the last rep was not quite all the way down, but I’m counting it anyway. I also managed to add one rep to my seated row as well.

I’m noticing muscle soreness after each workout now, it seems, in a way that I wasn’t imagebefore. I think this means that I’m actually working the muscles like I should be, and hopefully I’m building muscle instead of remaining at a plateau.

Finally, the bike ride home was easier than it was two weeks ago. I was able to go up the big hill near the end in higher gears, and I didn’t feel nearly as winded at the end. Progress!

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