Fit Report – Apr. 22nd, 2016 – Core

So I guess since I’m biking to and from work these days, almost every day could be called a Fit Report day (I could write up posts about what kind of car cut me off this morning or how windy/hot/rainy it was – so exciting!)  every day I bike to work I’m burning an additional 500-600 calories. That’s potentially an extra 3000 calories a week if I bike M-F, and a pound of fat is 3500 calories.

With all this extra cardio I’m doing, it’s tempting to say I should cut down on my cardio warmup. I kinda don’t want to do that, though, especially if I’m running. I like the running, and I eventually want to do another race, so I think I’ll keep at it.

imageSpeaking of running, I mentioned yesterday how my heel started hurting again. It still hurts today, but I found I could run more on the balls of my feet without any pain. So awkward, though, when you’re used to going heel-toe. Going to try running like that for the foreseeable future and see how it works out.

I did a shortened version of my core workout today. Only one set of everything, but I extended the total duration of my side planks to one minute per side. I only managed a one minute standard plank, though. Probably could have done longer, to be honest, but I didn’t feel like it.

I’m going to try something different next week. I want to build a bit more muscle, and one of the keys to that is multiple sets. Right now I only have time over lunch to do one set of each exercise in my Fit Fix circuit. Starting next week I’m going to split the circuit into two days. Legs/back and chest/arms/core. That way I’ll be able to do two sets of each exercise over lunch. I may also reduce the number of core days I do so I can do more weight training, but we’ll see.

Off til Monday, have a good weekend!

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