Weekly Weigh-In / Fit Report – Apr. 21st, 2016 – Fit Fix

Okay, it’s been a while, but I’m back. It’s been a rough two weeks or so, and my workout schedule has suffered alongside me. Where to start?

Two weeks ago this past Monday was my last workout. A workout that felt great, actually. I was running again, my Fit Fix circuit went well, all in all good. Then Tuesday came along and I knew that I was getting sick, so I didn’t work out. By Tuesday night I was full on sick. Unfortunately we were incredibly busy at work, so that meant even though I was running a fever Wednesday and Thursday I wasn’t able to take time off to get better.  By Friday I was starting to feel a bit better. Out of the woods, right?

Wrong. Saturday morning I woke up with pain in my left ear that I knew was an ear infection. I’d had one last spring which had ruptured, so I got myself to the doctor first thing that morning to get an antibiotic prescription. Too little, too late, unfortunately. Sometime around 2:30 am Sunday I woke up with more intense pain in the ear, and by 3:30 it had ruptured. Needless to say I wouldn’t be working out on Monday. Still busy at work, though, so no rest for the weary. Back to work with partial hearing loss on that side, and a lot of pressure and pain.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday. The weather has finally warmed up, so I managed to bike to work for the first time since September 2014. 10 km each way, with much of the last 2 km of the way home being uphill. A pretty good workout, but my legs aren’t used to it. Did it again yesterday, so I had some exercise before heading back to the gym today. I didn’t bike in today because I wanted to give my legs a rest.

Finally made it back to the gym this afternoon. imageI was nervous about the weigh-in because of my lack of exercise over the last few weeks. Turns out I did ok. I’m down another 4.4 lbs, to 174.6, although I’m not sure of the accuracy of any of the numbers. I haven’t been on top of my water and I’m down a bit. Still, happy to still be going in the right direction. I’ll try and be better about the water over the next week and see how things look.

On to the workout. I was nervous about working out again with my eardrum not yet healed, but it didn’t seem to be affected by the exercise. I ran today, albeit at a slower pace than I would’ve. The run felt good, although as I type this hours later, I notice that my heel hurts again. Gonna have to watch out for that.

As for Fit Fix, I decided to play it safe and dropped the weight I’m lifting by 10 lbs for imagealmost all the exercises. I figured it was a good way to test out whether I was stressing my bad ear, plus I’m sure I’ve lost some strength over the last few weeks. The workout went well at that weight, and my plan right now is to add back 5 lbs per exercise per session, til I’m back up.

Core exercises tomorrow.

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