Fit Report – Apr. 4th, 2016 – Fit Fix 

Man, it feels good to be back running again.

imageAfter four weeks of giving my heel time to, well, heal, I finally decided to test it out today. Glad to say that I didn’t feel any pain while running, so it looks like I’m back at it.

I didn’t go full out today. After nearly a month off I figured it was better to ease myself back in, so I settled on a pace of 9.65 km/h (6 mph). It went well, and I’ll probably increase it tomorrow, but not back up to full.

As for Fit fix, again, no nausea during the workout since I had a snack late this morning. The circuit felt really good today, and I’ll be increasing weight on some exercises the next time I do it.

imagePhysio/core tomorrow.

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