Fit Report – Mar. 21st, 2016 – Physio/Core

Another Monday, another workout.

Hopefully this week I can buck the recent trend of that being my only workout for the week. Seriously, if my body ailments/work schedule could kindly hold off on messing with my fitness goals I’d appreciate it greatly. But enough about that, let’s get down to today’s workout.

FR0065My heel feels much better these days, but I’m still feeling a little bit of sensitivity in it, so I’m still holding off running for now. Better safe than sorry, and I’d rather it be 100% when I get back to running. The ArcTrainer is a good substitute, with the bonus that it works the upper body as well as the legs. I went 12 minutes on it today, working up a good sweat while I did.

I was running short on time today, so I limited myself to one set of each of my physio/core exercises today. That still felt like a good workout, and as a plus, I didn’t feel like puking afterward! And I could still walk properly! My plank still sucked, as usual lately, but it felt doable today, and hopefully I can keep it going up in the future.

Back to Fit Fix tomorrow, and hopefully I can complete it without the troubles I had last week.


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