Fit Report – Feb. 29th, 2016 – Physio/Core

Happy Leap Day!

Speaking of things we haven’t seen in years, today I dusted off an old relic of runs gone by. Actually, it’s more that I’m using a new, updated version of something that I used to use.

Back in the day, I used to track my runs with Nike+ on my iPod. In those days, you needed a transmitter attached to your shoe and a receiver that plugged into the bottom of your iPod. It had an accelerometer in the transmitter that would register your footfalls, and using your stride length, it would calculate how far you had run. The nice thing was that it would give you feedback over your headphones during your run on how far you’d gone, how far you had to go (assuming you set a run length), etc., while you listened to music.

Well, lo and behold, six years after my previous running days, I realized that, hey, there’s a Nike+ app for the iPhone. And of course, the iPhone has GPS, so it can track a much more accurate distance for your run! It also has an accelerometer in it, so you can still use it on the

Oooooh, pretty...

Oooooh, pretty…

treadmill, as long as you’re carrying your phone and not just setting it in the cupholder or something. I’m all for tracking my workout data, so I bought an armband for my phone this weekend(so much bigger/heavier than having the old iPod Nano on my arm…) and tested it out today at the gym.

The armband I got makes it a bit difficult to find the volume buttons, but after some fumbling I managed to get things going. Today’s run distance is surprisingly accurate, since I haven’t calibrated it yet (the treadmill says I ran 2.11 km). I don’t think my run today will be a good one for calibration, since it includes the cooldown at the end, and big changes in pace aren’t good for that. Wednesday I’ll do a run with no cooldown, and use the distance on the treadmill as the calibration number.  I also think that soon it may be time to increase my pace again, but I’ll get in a few more runs at this pace to be sure.

FR0063As for the physio/core exercises, not much to talk about there. I did them, per usual. I may increase the size of the dumbells I’m using on one or both of the exercises that require them next time. Probably safer to do one at a time, though. I did manage to hold my plank for almost two minutes today, though, so maybe that’s headed back in the right direction. Progress, again!

I have a lunchtime appointment tomorrow, so no workout for me. I’ll probably do workouts Wednesday/Thursday/Friday to make up for the lost day. I’ve had too many three workout weeks recently, so I’d rather keep this week to four if I can.


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