Fit Report – February 2nd, 2016 – Fit Fix

Colds suck. Coughing sucks. Especially when you want to go to the gym.

I didn’t work out yesterday or Friday because I was sick with a cold. I didn’t feel terrible, per se, but I had a hacking cough that, in addition to most likely getting in the way of anything that would make me breath hard, would probably end up getting a whole bunch of other people at the gym sick. So I refrained from working out. Probably the right decision, but it feels like a cop out.

Today I was nervous about going back. I was worried that the nagging cough that keeps bothering me would have me off the treadmill in a coughing fit, or rob me of power during my weight training. Turns out I needn’t have worried. Maybe it was all the water I drank during my workout (two and change water bottles worth, or over 32 oz), but my throat didn’t seem to give me any trouble at all. I even lowered my pace on the treadmill(marginally) in anticipation of problems, but none arose. Tomorrow I’ll put my pace back up to where it was.

Today was a busy day upstairs on the Fit Fix circuit. It’s usually pretty empty up there, but today there were a few people, including one woman who was one machine ahead of me. And of course she was taking more time on each machine than I was (everyone does their own pace, right?), so I ended up waiting after working out on each machine. Socially awkward guy that I am, rather than asking if I could jump ahead of her, I did my level best FR0055after each machine to make it look like I totally wasn’t waiting for that machine, no worries.  The last thing I want is to pressure someone to work out faster than they want to. At some point, she skipped ahead to some equipment further down the line, and I felt bad, so I apologized for inadvertently pressuring her to move. She said I wasn’t, no worries, but still, it kind of felt like I was even if I was trying not to, so better to apologize.

With all of that, it felt like I got a really good workout in. Maybe the extra rest helped my muscles out, but some of  the exercises definitely felt easier than before, and I’ll be increasing weight next time. The weights I did increase this week seemed manageable, if more difficult, so I think that was a good choice.  And good news from a shoulder standpoint, widening my grip on the lat pulldowns doesn’t seem to be giving me any trouble. Now to figure out just how wide is my ideal grip. To the internet!

Tomorrow I’ll work out instead of my usual Wednesday off, and take the day off from the gym on Thursday. Not looking forward to that plank…

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