Fit Report – Jan. 19th, 2016 – Physio/Core

Another day, another run on a treadmill, and some more physio/core work. Not too much to report today, but I did make some small improvements.

First off, I increased my jogging pace again to 10.46 km/h (6.5 mph). Unfortunately, I can’t say I did it without stopping. Not that I needed to stop due to the pace being too much. No, I had to stop because my phone fell off the treadmill and I kicked it partway across the room. I should be glad, I guess, that I didn’t step on it. No damage, other than to my pride.

FR0050All the usual stuff as far as physio exercises go, and nothing really to report. I did, however, extend my plank again, by another 15 seconds. This was accompanied by all sorts of undignified noises and profuse sweating. But hey, 45 seconds improvement in two workouts is nothing to scoff at, even if my horrible groaning is.

It’s nice to see concrete progress like this, something measurable, and not just the numbers on a scale. It’s part of the reason I screencap my Fit Fix workouts as well, so I can look back to where I started from and see just how far I’ve come.

Back to the gym Thursday for another Fit Fix circuit, and then an off day on Friday, as I’m meeting a friend for lunch. Back to back three workout weeks isn’t ideal, but it’s still pretty good, and as far as I know, next week will be back to four.

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