Fit Report – Jan. 5th, 2016 – Fit Fix

Back to the Fit Fix circuit today. I said yesterday that I was going to change up a few things on the circuit, drop the bicep curl machine and lower some weights. Overall, I think that it was very helpful. I feel like I got a really good workout in today (actually felt a bit like puking afterwards. That’s a good sign, right?) and I didn’t feel any of that discomfort in my left shoulder that I’ve been feeling.

FR0046I also made an addition to my little emoji system for keeping track of the weights I’m lifting. Since it’s been two weeks since I did this routine, I couldn’t remember how much I wanted to raise weight by on particular exercises. I can barely remember what we planned on having for dinner from day to day, so forgetting how much more to lift is hardly a surprise. I figured I could just add the amount to go up after the little ‘pointing up’ emoji and that would be a good enough system. Keep it simple, right?

Only a few exercises will be going up at this point. A lot still felt tough, which probably has something to do with not working out in so long. But this isn’t a race, and I’m trying not to overdo it here. I really don’t want an injury to sideline me when I feel I’m making good progress. We’ll see how I feel over the next couple of days, and see how Friday’s workout goes. For now, I’m feeling pretty good.


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