Fit Report – Jan. 4th, 2016 – Physio

FR0045Welcome to 2016! New Year’s! Time for resolutions! Although really, I made my resolution back in November. Just gotta stick to it.

I had planned on going to the gym last week while I was on the holiday break, but that didn’t happen. I did eat more than I probably should have over that time, but that was to be expected.

That being said, I did a state-of-the-me weigh-in today (not an official Thursday weigh-in) just to see what the damage was, and oddly I’m down two pounds from where I was before Christmas. Not going to post the detailed numbers today, but like last time, my water shows as down, and my fat shows as up. I don’t particularly believe the part about the fat, but I haven’t been staying as hydrated as I should. I plan on drinking a lot more water this week and doing a regular weigh-in on Thursday to see where I’m at.

As for the workout, today was a physio day. I had planned on getting back on the treadmill and trying to jog again, but yesterday my left foot starting hurting on the underside, just behind the toes. Still feeling it today, so I just used the ArcTrainer to warm up. My physiotherapist gave me yet more exercises, but we’re splitting them up into ones I do at the gym and ones I can do at home (if it needs weights or a workout mat, I’m doing it at the gym, basically). The new gym exercises he’s added are the Arnold press and something called the push-up plus. After doing those, my shoulders definitely ache for a while.

I’m also moving up from the side plank from the knees that I was doing to a full side plank from my toes. It didn’t give me any trouble, and I think soon I can start extending the duration of each rep longer than the five seconds I’ve been holding it for.

Tomorrow will be Fit Fix again. I’m going to change up a few things to try and address the shoulder issues I’ve been feeling. Mostly I’m going to go lighter on anything that wants to extend my shoulders forward. I’m also going to forgo the bicep curl machine in favour of dumbell curls, since they won’t push my shoulders forward like the machine does. We’ll see how it goes.

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