Fit Report – Dec. 14th, 2015 – Physio

Okay, the shoes have to go.

Last week they were giving me pain in my right foot, just above the big toe. After a few days of not running, it seemed to go away, but heading back to the gym today and trying to run again, I now have that same pain in both feet. It’s like part of the shoe is pinching the top of my foot. I’m going to return the shoes to Sport Chek this weekend, and go to the Running Room to get properly fitted. Enough of this nonsense.

I worked through the pain for a bit, but that route just leads to injury, I’ve found. Instead I cut the run short at 10 minutes of running and 3 minutes of cooldown, and moved on to my physio exercises. As far as those go, I’m going to have to start bringing in a second theraband from home. The one I bring is tied in a loop so I can do the wall slides, and while it still works for doing the simultaneous shoulder external rotations, I can’t use it with the tricep pulldown or the lat/shoulder extensions as it’s now too short. I’ve been trying to recreate the exercises with pulley/cable machines, but it’s not the same. The band I have at home is a bit higher tension than the one I have in my gym bag, so that’ll give me a bit more oomph to the exercises as well.

Oh, and the holidays will be fighting me this week. On Wednesday we have our department potluck lunch. On Friday is the company Christmas party, and on Saturday we’re going out for our annual Christmas dinner with some friends. Sunday is the extended family Christmas potluck. If next week’s weigh-in isn’t higher than this week’s, I’ll consider it a minor miracle. Wish me luck…

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