Fit Report – Dec. 1st, 2015 – Short Circuit

So yesterday a coworker reminded me that Goodlife has this circuit training system on the third floor of the gym (that I literally haven’t been to in years). It’s a series of nine weight machines that are supposed to target all the various muscle groups in your body. It’s

It only feels like I've been struck by lightning after a workout.

It only feels like I’ve been struck by lightning after a workout.

supposed to be a good primer/introduction to weight training. You’re supposed to do these nine exercises in order, twelve reps each, and it’s supposed to take about 20 minutes.

So after my run, up I went. Lo and behold, the first machine has no instructions on it anymore(not a good sign), but I remembered what to do. Had to do several reps to get the weight reasonable (which is true for all of these exercises) but I settled on something. Did exercises 2 through 4 as well, testing out the weight. Went to find machine number 5 (they’re not all side by side in order), and to my bewilderment there was no machine labeled 5. Or 6 for that matter. There were 7 and 8, but no 9. I did a couple with no numbers on them, but since you’re supposed to do these in order, I got frustrated and called it a day. Guess that makes it a Short Circuit.


I looked it up online when I got back to work, but there’s no list on Goodlife’s website, from what I can tell. I did find the list on an exercise forum, so next time I’ll bring it with me and do those exercises.

As for today’s run, it went better than yesterday’s, for sure. I still needed to walk, but only after 16 minutes, and only for a minute and a half. Overall the run felt much better today, so hopefully I can extend it to the full time on Thursday. Fingers crossed. Workout breakdown after the break.

  • 20 minute run at 9.65 km/h(pausing once to walk at 5.63 km/h – 1.5 minutes total) , 1º incline, with a 5 minute cooldown – 356 cal, 3.57 km
  • Back extension – 12 reps at 135 lbs
  • Seated leg curl – 12 reps at 90 lbs
  • Seated leg extension – 12 reps at 90 lbs
  • Seated row – 12 reps at 60 lbs
  • Inclined leg press – 12 reps at 195 lbs
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