Fit Report – Nov. 26th, 2015 – Physiotherapy Exercises

To be perfectly honest, after my physiotherapy session yesterday, I wasn’t terribly impressed with the exercises I was given. They all seemed so lightweight, things you’d barely need gym equipment for. I wanted gym-type weight training exercises that were safe for me to do.

Admit it, you're all trying to figure out what a 'static bear' is, aren't you?

Admit it, you’re all trying to figure out what a ‘static bear’ is, aren’t you?

But after a session putting them into practice, I can say that it’s the most I’ve sweated since going back to the gym last week. My arms and shoulders are tired. I didn’t realize just how much strength I’d lost in my left shoulder/arm until I tried doing #1 (front/side shoulder raises) with 7.5 lb dumbbells. After the first set, I had to drop down to 5 lbs if I wanted to maintain even a semblance of the correct form.

I’m still finding my way with these, since I was only shown them yesterday, and I have to try and remember exactly how to do each. Doesn’t help that I was working on 4 hours of sleep when he showed them to me, and to be perfectly honest, I forgot just what the hell #6 actually is. I’ve since written a sheepish email asking if he can describe it and refresh my memory.

I may have to reduce my cardio time on days where I do these exercises. 18 sets of exercises takes a lot of time, and if I’m using 25 minutes of my hour for cardio, I don’t have enough time to do all of these. Taking it easy on the running one day a week certainly won’t hurt me, and I’d rather have the time to do these properly.

Here’s the list above, typed out.

  1. Front shoulder raise <- into -> side shoulder raise.  3 sets of 10
  2. Wall slides with elastic therapy band.  3 sets of 10
  3. Tricep extension into shoulder extension with pulley weight.  3 sets of 10
  4. Static bear(start on hands/knees/toes and raise knees 2-3 inches, holding for 5 seconds). 3 sets of 8
  5. Thoracic spine mobility rotations.  3 sets of 10 per side
  6. Simultaneous shoulder external rotation.  3 sets of 10

I’ll put in explanations of these at a later date (especially with #6…)

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