Fit Report – Jan. 24th, 2013 – Abs/Core , er, Arms

That didn’t go according to plan.

As you can maybe tell from the title of this post, it was supposed to be an abs/core day today, if I’m sticking with my usual routine. I tried, I honestly did, and I failed miserably.

I did my opening cardio, all good there, and got ready to do my abs/core workout. Got my dumbbells out and ready by the equipment I wanted to use, and sat down on the incline bench to start my sit-ups, so far so good. Leaned back to start the sit-ups. *twinge* That’s not right…

I tried to do the sit-ups, to no avail. I couldn’t even do one. Not one measly sit-up. And the worst part of it, aside from not being able to do that workout, was that I couldn’t even get back to the starting sitting position on the bench. I had to unhook my feet and roll myself off it sideways, onto the floor. Quite possibly the single most embarrassing thing I’ve done at the gym, and I’ve sat by the garbage can almost puking.


There aren’t nearly enough hidey-cars in my gym.

I think I might have done a bit of damage during last week’s first abs/core stint. I certainly hurt enough for days afterward.

I figured I still had to make the best of my time, so on to the next workout; arms. Pushed myself a bit more today, since last weeks seemed fairly easy, and I didn’t suffer any ill effects from it. Added weight to most of the exercises, and felt pretty good doing it. Got a bit of a burn out of it that let me know the muscles were being worked. All in all a good go. I guess Monday will be legs again to give my abs more of a chance to heal.

Also, I took the opportunity before the workout to use the fancy scale again. I meant to do it yesterday, but totally spaced on it. I’d like to do it every Wednesday (assuming I work out) and post the results in a Body Analysis-type post, but for now I’ll just put it here.

It looks like I’m down 1.6 lbs from last week. My body fat % has gone from 25.1% to 24.6%, with my total fat mass dropping 1.2 lbs. Now, I know these scales are not perfectly accurate when it comes to the body composition stuff, but the weight should be fairly close. Body water % can throw off the readings, especially if you don’t have enough water. But hey, I’ll take the 1.6 lbs, and hope it is mostly fat, and that I keep heading in this direction.

Follow the link for my workout breakdown.

  • ArcTrainer – 12 minutes at level 7 (incl. 2 minute cooldown)(~200 cal)
  • Alternating twisting standing dumbbell curls – 2 sets at 20 lbs/arm (10 reps/set)
  • Reverse one arm cable tricep extension (palm up) – 2 sets at 12.5 lbs/arm (10 reps/set/arm)
  • Standing bicep barbell curls – 2 sets at 40 lbs (10 reps/set)
  • Cable triceps extensions with rope– 2 sets at 22.5 lbs (10 reps/set)
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3 Responses to Fit Report – Jan. 24th, 2013 – Abs/Core , er, Arms

  1. Ellen says:

    I couldn’t get past Jim in that Office scene for a moment – what a great episode that was. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes! Already down over 1.5 pounds? That is a great start, Greg. I’m sure all those guys were so busy admiring their bodies that they didn’t even notice anyone around them (AND I bet no one could have done what you did with more grace 😉 Feel better? lol

    • Greg says:

      Thanks, Ellen! We’ll see how I’ve healed up at the end of this week. I’m going to try abs again on Friday, I think.

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