Fit Report – MOvember 21st, 2011 – Cardio Day

The prodigal exerciser returns. Kinda.

Ugh. I hate going back to the gym after not having worked out for a few weeks. Yeah. A few weeks. Bley. As you may recall, there was a little incident with my finger, as well as a plethora of baby related appointments and deadlines at work. Not that I’m making excuses (okay, I am) but sometimes life gets in the way of working out. That’s the way it goes. At least I basically maintained during the off time.

But back to my whining (did we ever leave it?); I loathe working out after not having done it for a while, because my body just isn’t used to the exertion anymore and it’s just so hard… Quick! Somebody call the Waaaambulance!


Quick! Someone get that thumb in his mouth and get him into the fetal position, STAT!

Alright, that’s sorted.

I figured the best way to reintroduce myself to the gym was to start with a cardio day. My cardio is usually the first thing to drop off when I miss out on time at the gym, so it seemed like the best way to go. Plus, although my finger is looking better, there’s still some swelling in the first knuckle, and it hurts to press on anything with it. It does seem to be healing, but I thought I’d avoid using it today if I could at all help it. Let’s just get the heart pumping and see how it likes that, ya know?

Well, the finger was okay with the cardio, but my lungs were less than pleased. I ended up only doing 2/3 of my usual cardio day routine, about 30 minutes on the ArcTrainer, but at the same intensity level I usually use. After 30 minutes and just over 500 calories I was done, and I guess I’ll take that. Tomorrow I’ll probably do my abs workout since there’s only a couple of exercises in it that require any kind of grip, and that’ll give me a better idea of how the finger takes the exertion.

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3 Responses to Fit Report – MOvember 21st, 2011 – Cardio Day

  1. Tim says:

    LOL Wambulance, love it!

    It's always a struggle being away from the gym for a few weeks but i'm sure you'll get back into the rhythm in the next session or so. Can't believe the finger still hurts after all this time, have you retired from American Football now? LOL

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